>>> PowerConnection.com is a directory customized to locate suppliers of industrial and utility electrical equipment and services.
>>> Easily locate sources of circuit breakers, transformers, motors, generators, test equipment, switchgear, substations, AMR, SCADA, and electrical training, engineering, safety and testing services.
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>>> About PowerConnection.com
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All we do is....
provide a quick and easy way to locate locate suppliers of industrial and utility electrical equipment and services.

PowerConnection.com is a directory and search engine customized to easily locate sources for virtually all electrical equipment and services:

  • circuit breakers
  • transformers
  • motors
  • generators
  • test equipment
  • measuring instruments
  • switchgear
  • substations
  • AMR
  • motor control
  • protective relays
  • electrical training programs, videos and books
  • electrical power engineering services
  • electrical safety services
  • electrical testing services
  • repair and remanufacturing services
  • and much, much more.

    PowerConnection.com is operated by JBL Global, which has been actively serving the internet needs of the electrical industry since 1995 when the owner, Bob Libbey, created the first online electrical industry directory and buyers guide. That business was sold to VerticalNet in 1999. Bob has been involved with the electrical industry for over 45 years; and following the expiration of his non-compete agreement, launched this new electrical industry directory and search engine.

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