At Connected Solar, we provide EPC services (Engineering, Procurement, Construction) for commercial solar projects wherever we are needed. Usually, this is for customer projects that came to us directly but often other companies use Connected Solar to provide EPC services for their projects.

If your business needs a solar EPC provider to design and install a PV system as part of your larger project goals, our team of specialists are well-qualified and eager to provide multiple options for all your project needs. We will work with you to deliver a high-quality and cost-effective plan to ensure your customers are pleased with their solar system.


As your partner, we take all the hassle and complexity out of deploying a solar solution for your

Solar EPC Services

Engineering and Design

Our team will analyze your project site, historical data, electrical systems, and goals to develop a variety of options to meet your energy goals. We will model accurate projections that take into account the details unique to every project location and provide you with a plan that you can be confident standing alongside.


We have deep relationships with suppliers and vendors throughout the industry. Where others struggle to source materials, we are able to leverage our relationships, solid credit, and streamlined logistics to get your project moving fast. We will take care of material selection, ordering, delivering, and storing everything onsite so your team never has to think about hardware.


Once we have acquired all the relevant permits, it is time to start construction. The process starts with a pre-construction planning meeting led by our Project Manager with our design team and the customer. This meeting goes through all steps in the process and outlines the expected timelines, staffing, and any special challenges. We believe it is always important to ensure that everyone is on the same page so construction can move smoothly and efficiently.


By generating their own electricity from solar power, municipalities can reduce their monthly electric bills. And that means serious cost savings. Powering schools, libraries, municipal office buildings, and maintenance centers requires a lot of energy. For the typical local government, energy expenditures are the second largest budget item. So, saving money on electricity can significantly cut operating expenses.

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For building owners, the benefits of going solar are clear: savings and selling points. As the Center for Sustainable Energy notes, “Various utility programs enable the viability of solar for multifamily buildings. For instance, virtual net metering allows the kilowatt-hours from the energy produced by the solar photovoltaic (PV) system to be credited to multiple utility accounts… Another program, net energy metering aggregation, allows a single customer with multiple meters on the same property to install a system offsetting the aggregated load.”


The most accessible path to greater profit is a reduction in business-as-usual operating costs – like energy consumption. Organizations everywhere are looking for ways to improve financial performance and achieve cost efficiencies throughout their infrastructure, and energy is a good place to unlock financial advantage and help balance profitability with sustainability. With energy costs being a big proportion of overhead and forecasted to rise, energy efficiency and is critical.

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