Energy procurement gives businesses the opportunity to proactively purchase energy in order to make strategic choices, in an effort to minimize energy costs. At Power Connection, we understand how critical managing energy cost is to a company’s success. Procuring, or purchasing, natural gas, and electricity can be confusing and time-consuming as business leaders are faced with trying to sort through the overwhelming number of energy companies now offering electric and natural gas supply alternatives. A thorough understanding of the underlying wholesale markets, power generation, delivery factors, economic and political influences, and their joint impact on prices are all vital. For this reason, we act as an advocate on your behalf to leverage our strong relationships with nationally recognized and financially sound energy suppliers, to obtain the most competitive pricing and provide you with an all-inclusive approach to best manage your energy costs.


Power Connection assists clients across all deregulated electricity markets in the United States, Mexico, and Canada. Today, at least seventeen states and Washington D.C. are either fully or partially deregulated where end-users have the ability to shop for a competitive supplier. Power Connection leverages its nationwide reach and experience with its regional presence and knowledge to assist our clients in making the best energy decision specific to their situation and ultimately control their energy costs better.

Gas Plant

Natural Gas

Some energy consultants focus only on electricity and do not have the expertise to manage natural gas procurement. Power Connection has significant experience and expertise in advising clients on handling natural gas purchases. We are able to assist clients across all deregulated natural gas markets in the United States. Today, most states and Washington D.C. are deregulated to some extent. Power Connection leverages its nationwide reach and experience with its regional presence and knowledge to assist our clients in making the best energy decisions specific to their situation


Renewable Energy

If your business desires to be more environmentally friendly, Power Connection is well-positioned to connect you with wholesale generators, trading entities, retail suppliers, and equipment manufacturers to achieve your green energy objectives. You may wish to install solar panels or wind turbines, purchase Renewable Energy Credits (RECs), include a specific amount of renewable energy in your retail supply contract, or purchase renewable energy directly from a specific asset. Power Connection can help with any of these needs. In addition to finding the most appropriate supply source for your renewable energy needs, Power Connection will also evaluate and validate the pricing and financial viability of any of these approaches. We can broker wholesale emissions allowances along with voluntary RECs, Regional Portfolio Standard (RPS) mandated RECs and Carbon & Greenhouse Gas emissions. This activity allows us insight into where these prices are and should be.